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We offer data, intelligence, and advisory services that help investors and governments unleash Africa’s agribusiness potential.

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Our mission

To help our clients make the best decisions. We find hard-to-get national and subnational data, conduct and translate research into insights, and deliver cutting-edge advisory services that inform impactful business and policy decisions in the agrifood industry.


Our vision

To be the foremost catalyst of sustainable agricultural transformation in Africa by empowering agri-businesses and governments with high-quality and data-driven insights, knowledge, innovation, and resources.

Our Value proposition

Transforming Food Systems with Data and Expertise

Our Value proposition

Transforming Food Systems with Data and Expertise

Vestance features industry-leading experts who conduct original research and data analysis to provide clients with high-quality insights and effective advisory services. We harness technology to ensure our clients make well-informed decisions.

Our Work

We leverage our expertise and experience to provide a variety of services to our clients.

  • Agricultural Data
  • Insights
  • Agri-Business Advisory
  • Policy Analysis
  • Case Studies & Best Practices

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